Website development services

Websites for business owners who don't have time to worry about websites.


You're a small business owner who needs a website to give You more visible presence on the internet. But You can't commit a lot of time or money to the effort, because You need to focus on Your business.

Let me help. I offer a website subscription service which will create, host, and maintain an attractive, custom website with Your company logo, contact information, and more: a 'domain name' for Your site, an email submission form, etc. ...sort of like this very website! A simple site can be up and running in as little as two days. I can offer more complex services as well.

The cost? $0 up front! You tell me what You want on Your website, I build it, and You see the new site before You decide whether You want it. obligation on Your part! Need minor design changes? They're made at no charge.
If You like the results, You can sign up for one of the following service plans, which includes Site Creation and one or more years of BHM (Basic Hosting and Maintenance).

1 year BHM$299
2 years BHM$499
3 years BHM$699
4 years BHM$799
5 years BHM$899
*Prices subject to change.

I have years of experience developing successful enterprise web-applications at both large (Fortune 500) and small technology companies. I have the experience and vision to help Your business reach a much wider audience!

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